Feel Marvelous in 30 Minutes

Staying fit takes less time than you think

By taking simple steps, you can get the daily dose of exercise you need. Just 30 minutes of physical activity helps you improve blood sugar control, heart health, and weight control. Fitness also gives you a boost in well-being, self-esteem, and appearance. But how can you work exercise into an already hectic schedule? Keep yourself feeling fit and healthy with these tips on finding time for exercise each day.

Make Every Minute Count
Here's some good news: Most daily deeds qualify as exercise! From walking to your car to stepping out for lunch, simple tasks can get your body moving and your blood pumping. So instead of stretching to work in a half-hour workout, find three 10-minute tasks to tackle during the course of a day. Get outside when possible for fresh air and, chances are, you'll find yourself getting more exercise than you ever imagined possible.

Go the Distance
For a fitter feel, add some steps to your daily activities. Park a little further away from your destination and use the stairs if you're only a floor or two away. Put away the remote and get up to change channels, or simply march in place while you watch your favorite show. Go ahead — no one is watching. And if you're stuck in a cubicle, take a brisk walk around the office or around your building for some fresh air. Don't worry about finding time for the gym; just see what a difference some little steps can make today.

Once you've found some short activities that work for you, explore some ways to take yourself further every chance you get. Use a pedometer from your local sporting-goods store to measure, set, and surpass your personal goals. And to find new paths to explore near you, look for some local nature trails or parks and get some fresh air with every step.