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For many adults, age is just a number. In fact, according to [1]. But despite this youthful feeling, many adults might not realize that their bodies aren’t keeping up with their perceptions. While you are busy living life, you may be losing muscle during aging.

After the age of 40, you may lose up to 8% of your muscle mass every 10 years, which can lead to weakness and  could interfere with aging adults’ ability to live a full and active life. However, the good news is you can help slow this aging condition with a good exercise plan and nutrition.


“It’s important for adults and physicians to take nutrition seriously, and evaluate whether people are getting the nutrients needed to maintain muscle health as they age.”

Rob Miller, Ph.D.,

Abbott Nutrition R&D, Division Vice President

Here are a few simple lifestyle changes you can make to help improve muscle mass:

Exercise :

  • Try adding light weights to leg or arm extensions
  • Stretch it out with resistance bands or tubes
  • Try classes like pilates, yoga, and water aerobics
  • Make it fun and get your friends involved, too

Muscle-friendly foods:

  • Eggs, chicken breast, lean beef, almonds, spinach, sweet potatoes, turkey
  • Make sure you work in nutrients such as protein and essential amino acids
  • Include 2 Ensure® Enlive® with 20g protein and the unique ingredient,HMB, to help rebuild muscle for strength and energy

Still need more advice? 

Talk to your doctor about other ways to maintain muscle health and help rebuild muscle.



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